Post: Hornet Hive Pickleball tournament

Hornet Hive Pickleball Tournament

The Hornet Hive held their first ever Pickleball tournament on Sept 14, 2020.  This event was hosted by Chicken N Pickle and 10% of food sales were donated to the Hornet Hive. We had several teams sign up.  

After all the rounds, Paul V. and Matt G. walked away as victors of the tournament.  Congratulations Paul and Matt!  Over $500 was raised from the Pickleball tournament and food sales that night.  

The Hornet Hive works together to support students and staff at Northtown with the goal of creating and sustaining a positive school environment.  The Hornet Hive supports more than 40 student groups and activities at North Kansas City High School.

Be on the lookout for communication about our helping with our next event on October 12, the Teacher’s Conference.    

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