Chipotle Hornet Hive Fundraiser


Another opportunity to support the Hornet Hive and over 40 student activities/groups just by eating dinner.
Make sure your dinner plans on October 18th include Chipotle (203 NE Englewood Rd # 1).

33% of the proceeds between 4:00pm and 8:00pm will benefit the Hornet Hive.

Want to order online or in the phone app? Then follow the below:

Use code V9RB9HX before checkout in ‘promo’ field. Orders placed on or through the Chipotle app for pickup using this unique code will be counted towards the fundraiser.

***You MUST order from the Chipotle located at 203 NE Englewood Rd for the Hornet Hive to benefit.***

Add this to your calendar now, before you forget.